Rental Rules 

No Smoking Policy
Smoking is not permitted in or around any of our homes. We sincerely ask that you respect this policy and also consider the potential devastation a forest fire could cause each home, our community and the natural beauty of the mountainside.

Noise Ordinance
Be respectful of your neighbors! All outdoor noise after 11:00 PM should be kept to a minimum so as to not disturb your neighbors.  Remember sound travels on water and we ask that you be courteous of the other vacationers.  If multiple registered complaints are made against your party and you refuse to follow the 11:00 PM rule, it is grounds for immediate eviction and forfeiture of your rental fee and deposit.

Septic System
Please do not flush anything except toilet paper down the toilet. Any other products, facial tissues, paper towels, feminine protection of any type can clog the septic system.

Also, there is no garbage disposal due to the septic system so please do not put leftovers down the sink drain.

Trash Removal
Place your bagged tied trash (ALL TRASH MUST BE BAGGED) in the trash cans outside of your vacation home and tightly secure the lid.  Due to the hungry nature of raccoons and other wild animals, do not allow containers to overflow or leave trash bags sitting outside the trash containers.  Full & tied trash bags will be picked up periodically throughout the week. Loose trash in containers or trash around the house may result in extra cleaning fees.

Hot Tubs
It is important to note that certain health risks are associated with the use of a hot tub.  It is the responsibility of the registered guest to inform anyone using the hot tub during their stay of the potential hazards.  Beware, hot tub covers are for insulation purposes and will not support a person. DO NOT STAND OR SIT ON HOT TUB COVERS, they will break, possible injuring someone, and you will be charged for its replacement. Keep covers closed and locked while not in use. Never leave children unattended or playing alone. Do not add chemicals or change settings.
If Hot tub needs serviced please call immediately.

Pet Policy
Although we love pets, in order to control the experience for all of our guests, pets are NOT allowed in our property. Service animals are the only exception. Pets found in or on the premises without that being part of the contract is cause for immediate eviction and forfeiture of the security deposit and the rental fee for the remainder of the trip.

Check out Procedures

1. Check out is 10:00 AM~ No exceptions during summer season due to readying home in time for incoming guests.

2. Remove sheets and pillowcases from the beds used during stay and place them at the foot of the bed. Please leave mattress pad in place. DO NOT MAKE ANY BEDS THAT WERE SLEPT IN. Soiled towels are to be placed in the bathtub.

3. Remove all food and items from the refrigerators and dispose of it properly. TRASH MUST BE BAGGED AND TIED THEN PLACED IN GARBAGE CANS OUTSIDE. NO LOOSE TRASH IN CANS!! The trash removal service charges an extra fee for trash not bagged. Should this occur after your visit that fee will be deducted from your deposit. If you have an abundance of trash please notify guest coordinator.

4. All dishes should be washed or rinsed and placed into the dishwasher prior to your departure.

5. Please do not change AC settings or leave doors/windows open for extended periods of time.

6. Leave the AC set on 72 during the summer or heat on at 70 during the winter. DO NOT SET BELOW 70 WHICH COULD CAUSE UNIT TO FREEZE AND HOURS TO RESET.

7. Do not adjust refrigerator or freezer settings.

8. Always report any damage or malfunctioning equipment to the guest coordinator.

9. Please return all items to their proper rooms including pillows, blankets remotes etc… All furniture should be where you found it upon your arrival.

10. Please text to 423- 377-9159 and 614-354-0774 when you have left the property. Safe travels and come see us again!

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Majestic mountains and crystal clear waters combine to make your experience here unforgettable. We have 6 kids and 3 dogs and love every minute we spend time at the lake.

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